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ISLANDIACAR team lives and knows Iceland very well so we are prepared to advise you on car hiring, which roads to take or aclararte any questions in this area.

The aim of ISLANDIACAR is to offer a range of quality and reliable vehicles at a reasonable price as well as a personal and efficient service.

As a car rental we offer our own vehicles or find the BEST DEAL on the market for you. Also you can benefit from discounts on multiple activities, accommodations and restaurants when booking a car with us.

If you have any questions please send us and we will reply within 24h.

Fair price car rental

ISLANDIACAR is an ALTERNATIVE to traditional car rentals. Our partners refer to us as “FAIR PRICE CAR RENTAL”.

We know that renting a car in Iceland is not cheap but we try to bring you the best prices in the market.

Well we offer you our own vehicles or find the BEST DEAL on the car rental market for you. 
We look at the best local car rentals in Iceland offering you always the best compromise between quality-price WITH NO EXTRA COST for you. We do not want to work with multinational companies but with local companies whose capital reversed 100% in Iceland have better service and personal attention.

In this way ISLANDIACAR is a perfect choice for those who wants to travel around Iceland on an INDEPENDENT way, and with a COMPETITIVE price. 

Guarantee and service

ISLANDIACAR is a booking reservation online center licensed by Icelandic Tourist Board "Ferðamálastofa", so we can help you to hire any service free of charge. 

ISLANDIACAR offers a MECHANICAL ASSISTANCE service at more than 20 sites throughout the island. In the event of a mechanical incident during your trip, a 24/7 roadside assistance phone number is available. The number is (00354) 539 0605. We will either solve any problem at the roadside or, if necessary replace your vehicle as soon as possible for you to continue your trip.

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Car Rental Iceland - Reykjavík Car Rental - Car Rental in Iceland
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